Planning Your Wedding? Here are the Top Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

As a bride, planning your wedding can quickly turn into a very stressful experience. There’s just so much to decide upon, between the food, the dress and the music. Choosing your flowers can bring an additional level of stress. You know the flowers play key parts in the ceremony, reception and the photographs you will look at for years to come. Each type of flower can bring an entirely different feel to your special day. It can be tricky to pick the best option for your unique style when there are thousands of different varieties available.

To help you narrow down your choices, here’s a closer look at some of the top wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Roses: You had to have known this one was on the list. Roses are the most classic wedding flower, and there’s a really good reason for that. For centuries, the rose has been considered a symbol of both love and beauty. It comes in a variety of shades to fit practically every combination of wedding colors. Best of all, they are readily available and surprisingly affordable.
  • Peonies: The peony is a staple at spring and summer weddings because of its bright appearance, unmistakable look and strong fragrance. Create a bouquet of peonies for a soft and sweet look, or include them in a table arrangement for some subtle flair.
  • Gardenia: If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then this is the flower for you. The gardenia is framed by dark green, waxy leaves that help make it sturdy enough to withstand the sun and high temperatures. It’s famous for its sultry and delectable scent. Consider wearing a single white gardenia in your hair, or use one as the groom’s boutonniere to lend a natural look to your nuptials. Be careful when handling it, as the large petals can bruise easily.
  • Carnation: Cut your wedding flower budget in half by opting for carnations. This flower is incredibly affordable and comes in an abundance of different colors. Stretch your budget by plumping up a rose bouquet or arrangement with a few carnations. They can be used in everything from floral backdrops to a flower girl’s bouquet, because they are especially sturdy.
  • Baby’s breath: Baby’s breath used to have a pretty bad reputation. Previously, many couples looked down on it as just a filler flower. However, many brides are now choosing to opt for a light bundle of baby’s breath instead of a larger bouquet. This works great because these flowers are especially lightweight and budget friendly. The classic white, tiny flowers can be used alone or in a larger arrangement.

Whatever your style or vision, The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers can help you create the perfect flowers for your wedding day. We specialize in creating bouquets, arrangements, table centerpieces, boutonnieres and more. Our locally owned and operated store carries a wide array of beautiful wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA that can be used to create the perfect arrangement for any occasion. Call us today to learn more!

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