Think of These Flowers in San Francisco, CA for School Dances

The school dance is a memorable time in everyone’s high school years, and having the right flowers can make the experience even better. While it’s always a tradition to match the flowers in San Francisco, CA to the girl’s dress, you may want to add these flower trends to your wristlet, corsage or boutonniere to really spice up the night and stand out from the crowd.

Glitter, glamour and feathers

If your date for the school dance has a romantic side with a dreamy party dress that is reminiscent of Victorian times, you can surprise her with flowers in San Francisco, CA that feature feathers. These festive accompaniments make every bouquet they are paired with seem like they came right out of a fairytale. Your date will be surprised by your innovation and love that you provided them with a corsage that is unique as they are.

Another option that adds a bit of drama to a wristlet or bouquet is to add some sparkle. This can match a glittery dress and really get you in the dance party mood. Using ribbons and special accoutrements, your flowers in San Francisco, CA can have that bit of wonderment added right in that will make them shine and complement any outfit. Glitter options are also ideal for men’s boutonnieres, as they add a bit of style to an otherwise traditional arrangement.

Make your flowers fun

If your date for the school dance is just a friend, you can keep it simple by going with a carnation or chrysanthemum. These flowers provide plenty of glamour to a wristlet, corsage or boutonniere, but won’t overshadow your date’s party outfit. They send a message that you care about your date but aren’t as serious as rose arrangements. These flowers will keep the evening fun and relaxing and make sure you have a good time without worrying whether you are sending the wrong message with your flowers in San Francisco, CA.

Another idea that is super fun is to incorporate your date’s favorite flowers into their wristlet, corsage or boutonniere. This will let them know that you put some thought and effort into their flowers in San Francisco, CA when you ordered the arrangement. Think how surprised they will be when they see you remembered their favorite flower! This will be the perfect start to the evening and a moment you will cherish for a long time to come.

With a little preparation, you can turn your school dance into a night that you will never forget by getting the right flowers in San Francisco, CA for your date. They will love the look of a modern and contemporary floral design that compliments their outfit and gets them ready for a night of fun. To have flowers arranged with your date to the school dance in mind, contact The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We specialize in flowers for any event and can make sure your wristlet, corsage or boutonniere is a unique design that your date will love.

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