Top Trends for Winter Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Winter makes the ideal setting for a wedding, from its snowy backdrop to its seasonal flowers in San Francisco, CA. You can make the most of your winter wedding with these trends in flowers. With some of these flowers only being in season in the winter, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some rare finds that will make your day even more special. Take a look at these top trends in flowers for winter weddings:

  • Whites: With the season calling for snow, you can certainly keep it all white with your flowers, too. Consider choosing from a winter white palette of ivories, off-whites and light blushes, as this will provide a nice contrast that is modern and sleek. Select flowers such as white calla lilies, orchids, tulips, amaryllis and anemones.
  • Reds: Red is the perfect color for a winter wedding, as it is both rich and passionate in color. You can stick to all deep reds or play it up by adding tones of purple, wine or plum. This will create a dramatic effect and make for an elegant wedding that is sophisticated yet fun. Some deep red flowers in San Francisco, CA to think about are roses, anemones, gloriosa lilies, calla lilies, orchids and amaryllis.
  • Seasonal plantings: Add to the festiveness of the season by adding in elements to your floral arrangements with snowberries, pepper berries, viburnum or hypericum. This will make an impact with your arrangements and complement the winter weather. You will be able to find these plantings easily, and they can really make a mark during your winter wedding.
  • Feathers: For a dramatic flair, add some feathers to your flowers in San Francisco, CA. This can add drama or be more simple and romantic. In either case, it will be an unexpected surprise and is sure to impress your guests. Feathers can also be added to boutonnieres and bouquets to keep with the winter theme and make for a playful accoutrement.
  • Silver accents: Winter is the perfect time to add silver accents to flower arrangements, as it will add that bit of glimmer you are looking for. This cool tone will get your guests in the spirit of the season and add a burst of texture to any floral piece. Think about silver leaves as an accent, or another interesting silver element to show off the flowers you have chosen.
  • Snowy accents: Another accent tactic you can add to create a true winter scene is using flowers and plantings that have a snowy touch to them. These can include pinecones, mistletoe or sage green lamb’s ear that has been giving a frosted effect. This will truly turn your wedding into a winter wonderland.

Winter flowers in San Francisco, CA can provide the perfect touch to your seasonal wedding by bringing the outdoors inside. You’ll be able to create that winter theme you have been dreaming about with dramatic or romantic arrangements that suit your style. For winter flower arrangements for your wedding, contact The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We have been in business since 1939, providing the perfect flowers for any occasion.

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