Six Ways Succulents Can Add Style to Your Wedding

If your big day is coming up, chances are you’re working closely with an excellent florist in San Francisco, CA. With so many options, it can be hard to narrow in on the perfect, unique combination of flowers to complement your venue’s décor – which is why an expert florist is a must!

While you’re considering all the possibilities, add succulents to the list. This might sound a little strange, but once you see the beautiful contrast they add, you’ll be hooked. Here are six fantastic ways to incorporate succulents into your wedding’s floral arrangements.

  1. The Money Shot

Many couples want to have the little details of their wedding captured on film – especially jewelry. If you plan on photographing the special earrings, necklaces or other accoutrements, and particularly the rings, consider a succulent as a background. They have a wonderful texture, and with so many varieties, you’ll be able to show off the glitter with a beautiful backdrop.

  1. The Succulent Among Roses

There’s nothing more lovely than a full, gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. Roses are a popular choice because of their unbeatable scent and soft, lovely petals. Add a succulent to the center for extra pop – you’ll be surprised by how much you love the look!

  1. Dress Your Tresses

Succulents aren’t just for tables or nosegays; they also look stunning in hair! Ask your florist to help you select a few bright blooms that go well together, and then pick a succulent to be an accent for the group. The perfect finishing touch is easy as can be!

  1. Gift Your Guests

You’re probably also considering table assignments right about now, and succulents come into play here, too. Consider small pots with one little succulent in each. There are endless styles of succulents, from earthy greens and browns to bright oranges and reds, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so no two guests would sit next to someone with the same succulent. Let guests know the plants are theirs to keep after the wedding. It’s the perfect gift, and the perfect table decoration, all in one.

  1. Create A Wall of Succulent Beauty

If you’ve got a large budget for your flowers, a wall of succulents is an unbeatable backdrop for your “I do’s.” If want to go this route but have a smaller budget, try to find a venue with succulents already available, such as a formal garden, and then create centerpieces and bouquets with succulents included to match.

  1. Incorporate Succulents Into The Guys’ Apparel

It can be tricky to settle on the right boutonniere for your groomsmen; you don’t want anything too pink and flowery, but you also need it to match the bridesmaids and the color theme. A succulent arrangement is a great alternative to traditional flowers, thanks to their unique design and simple statement against a sharp blazer or tux.

If you’re ready to give these amazing plants the chance they deserve to make your day extra special, ask your florist in San Francisco, CA to help you create the perfect bouquets, centerpieces, and more. You’ll be glad you did!

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