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Best Flowers for Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall is the best time of year for wedding planners looking to gain some color inspiration. Trees are awash in warm hues, and the best fall flowers for weddings are ones that match all those rustic colors. Read on to learn which blooms in San Francisco, CA are most popular this season. Tips for bouquet […]

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Is There Such a Thing as a Low-Budget Flower?

Floral arrangements are some of the most memorable features at a wedding celebration, but they can also be some of the most expensive additions to a venue. From bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and aisle décor, the cost of adding floral arrangements to a wedding budget can quickly add up. Many people attempt to offset […]

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Trends for Spring Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Winter may have just begun, but if you are planning a wedding between March and May, it might feel like spring is right around the corner. With your big day only a few months away, you probably have no shortage of things to think about, coordinate and plan. The dress, the food, the venue and […]

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