National Flower Day

Throughout history, flowers have been an important part of art, culture, and life. They have been associated with romance, medicine, and rituals, and many are also used as a food source. There are over 400,000 flowering plant species in the world, and they deserve a special day to celebrate! Take some time to plant a flower on National Flower Day and help these beautiful blooms thrive. 

National Flower Day is a day dedicated to the beauty and smell of flowers. It is a celebration that aims to bring together people from all walks of life and celebrates the fact that we have flowers in our lives. Historically, flowers have been associated with love, friendship, harmony, admiration and so much more. National Flower Day is on March 21 every year and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate flowers and the beauty of nature. A bouquet of flowers brightens up any room and their scent can lift anyone’s spirits after all! 

On National Flower Day, take the time to appreciate the beautiful petals that make up a bouquet and post photos of them on social media using the hashtag #NationalFlowerDay. This will encourage others to do the same and share their own blooms in celebration! And For a romantic touch, consider gifting roses to your loved one on National Flower Day. These blooms are one of the most widely celebrated flowers in the world and are equally beloved by both men and women.