Our Top Tips for DIY Christmas Floral Arrangements

For many people, the holiday season is a time for tradition. Everything from the décor to the menu to the celebratory activities is clearly established and dutifully repeated year after year. Tradition brings comfort for some, but others feel creatively stifled by the repetition.

If you’re looking to switch things up, read on to learn how to make a Christmas tree floral arrangement or a seasonal centerpiece and bring a whole new level of festivity to your home this holiday season!

Swap ornaments for bright blooms

The floral Christmas tree trend is back, and those wanting to try something new this year should look no further. Replace ornaments and other embellishments with big, bold flowers to add life and color to your home décor this holiday season.

First, consider the color palette and overall aesthetic you’re after. Are you hoping to adhere to traditional holiday colors? If so, bold, white blooms like peonies or poinsettia paired with white lights would maintain a classic Christmas look, while subtly diverging from the traditional tree. Hoping to design something a little more vibrant? Select three to five flowers in each color for your chosen palette and arrange them throughout your tree, balancing color with white accent flowers.

Some people choose to place flowers randomly as you would when hanging ornaments. Another option is to create horizontal stripes with the flowers, giving the appearance of a floral swirl around the tree. As you place flowers, attach them to tree branches using floral wire or ornament hooks. To find inspiration in making your Christmas tree floral arrangement this year, search #floralChristmas on Instagram!

Make your own Christmas flower arrangements

If you feel like getting creative with Christmas centerpieces but find the notion of decorating a full-size tree a little daunting, try your hand at smaller flower arrangements. Small faux Christmas trees or rosemary topiaries make an excellent substitute in the floral Christmas tree project. Simply find a suitably sized alternative tree, scale down the size of your flowers and proceed as described above.

Another surefire way to create beautiful Christmas flower arrangements is to experiment with juxtaposing bright, elegant flowers with rustic greenery. Pair evergreen cuttings with bright red ranunculus, peonies, carnations or tulips. Add pine branches and twigs of hawthorn or hypericum berries to arrangements of white roses and hydrangeas. Group California laurel, pink poinsettia and evergreen.

If you’re looking for a simple pop of color, add cranberries to a clear vase of long-stemmed white flowers, like amaryllis. Add extra holiday detail by hanging small silver or gold ornaments from branches, or displaying them alongside white pillar candles around the vase. The possible combinations are endless!

No matter what you have in mind, the knowledgeable team at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers is always available to help bring your vision to life. Stop by the shop or visit us online to purchase flowers for your next project. Looking for a little more guidance? Work with one of our skilled florists to make your own customized Christmas flower arrangement today.