Heat Resistant Wedding Flowers

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows there are countless details to keep track of to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch. One of the most essential elements of the wedding is the floral décor, and there are lots of different types of arrangements for couples to pick from for their wedding day. If you’re planning a summer wedding and anticipate warm weather, it’s a good idea to consider getting heat resistant wedding flowers that will hold up well to extreme temperatures.

Best flowers for summer weddings

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding is wilting, lifeless floral arrangements. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t account for the weather when choosing their flowers, and wind up selecting options that are very sensitive to the heat. Thankfully, there are plenty of beautiful floral options out there that will stay in great shape on hot summer days. Here are some of the best types of flowers for the heat:

  • Tropical flowers: Tropical flowers thrive in hot environments, so they’re ideal for summer weddings. Flowers like calla lilies, birds of paradise, orchids and anthurium are all gorgeous tropical options that can withstand high temperatures and will stay well preserved on the day of a hot summer wedding.
  • Greenery: Greenery is a very hardy option for flower arrangements that holds up very well to heat and looks great with every type of flower. With options like ivy, succulents, ferns and many other types available, couples can select arrangement options that match their wedding aesthetic and theme. In addition, greenery is often more affordable than flowers, so it can be a good way to keep bouquets and arrangements on budget.
  • Sunflowers: Like their name indicates, sunflowers love the sun, and they won’t wilt when exposed to sunny weather. Not only are sunflowers resistant to extreme heat, they are also beautiful flowers that are symbolic of happiness and good luck, making them perfect for wedding floral arrangements. As an added benefit, sunflowers can be paired with a wide variety of other flowers, which makes them great for colorful summer arrangements.

Choosing the best flowers for summer weddings

Selecting heat resistant floral arrangements isn’t always easy, but working with a professional florist can make the process much simpler. Find a florist with plenty of experience and ask for recommendations for different types of flowers that will hold up to the heat on your big day. A professional florist can walk you through the process for planning floral arrangements and make sure you have wedding flowers you love.

Heat resistant floral arrangements

No matter what kinds of floral arrangements you’re looking for to include in your wedding, the team at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers is here to make sure you love your floral arrangements on your wedding day. As a locally owned and operated flower shop, we are committed to providing our customers with the best floral arrangements available at reasonable prices. Find out more about our floral arrangements and get a quote from our team by giving us a call today.

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