Tips on Safely Repotting and Replanting Your Flowers

Transplanting your plants is an ideal way to get something planted right away or moved to a new place. You have two options when transplanting a garden: buying plants and then transplanting them, or moving plants from one spot to another in the garden. Spring is a great time to go to a well-stocked flower shop to find something new for the garden or to move existing plants to other spots in your garden.

The next time you’re looking at replanting flowers in San Francisco, CA, turn to The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We’re your source for everything you need to build your ideal garden. Let’s look at the top tips for repotting and replanting flowers.

Transplanting from a garden shop

During the spring, your local garden shop will be stocked with a range of annual flowers. These are likely to include:

  • Annuals such as pansies and petunias
  • Shrubs like hydrangeas and roses
  • Perennials including hostas and daylilies
  • Vegetables like tomatoes

Once you’ve purchased these plants and brought them home, it’s time to move them into the garden or into a larger pot. These plants are not intended to grow to maturity in the pots you bought them in.

Tips for transplanting

Whether you’re replanting existing plants in your garden or adding plants from a garden shop, you can follow these steps for a smooth process:

  • Remove the plant from the pot.
  • Check the roots. In cases where the roots are completely covering the soil, you can separate them.
  • Put the plant into a premade hole so the plant is roughly at soil level or slightly higher.
  • Pat down the soil around the plant with your hands.
  • Water the plant liberally. This will help the plant’s roots to spread and grow into the surrounding soil.

Transplanting different kinds of plants

The process is slightly different for each kind of plant. During warmer weather months, it’s best to transplant annuals, which are typically sold in plastic packs of four or six. In the early days of spring, it’s a good time to transplant vegetables. Try to do any transplanting in the morning on a cloudy day to protect the plants from the direct sun during the process. Spring is the ideal time to transplant perennials as well.

We hope this guide to replanting flowers in San Francisco, CA has proved helpful. Whether you’re starting a new garden or improving an existing one, The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers is here to help. For more than eight decades, we’ve been San Francisco’s premier locally owned and operated floral destination. Our friendly staff will know exactly what’s best for your garden no matter what time of year it is.

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