What Color Flowers Are Best for the Time of Year?

Flowers are commonly associated with spring. However, even though blooms often herald warm weather, you can find flower colors for every time of year in San Francisco, CA. Gone are the dreary days of winter that leave your gardens desolate. Below you’ll discover a quick starter guide to selecting flowers in every shade imaginable.


Once the snow begins to melt, it’s time for your garden to show off some bright colors. Sweet alyssums are a great choice in the spring because of their white fragrant petals. They grow in tiny clusters that highlight the beauty of boldly-colored flowers. Sweet alyssums love damp soil and can also take on a purple hue.

Snapdragons will transform your spring garden into a rainbow of color. Soft yellows and pinks blend together on petals that feature a unique shape. You’ll also find them in different shades of purple and red. Snapdragons enjoy full sun exposure and stand tall, reaching heights of over three feet!


Summer is when you’ll spend the most time outdoors, so fill your flower bed with blooms that celebrate the hot weather as much as you do. Marigolds have gorgeous flower colors for this time of year. Their fiery yellow, orange and red hues shine brightest under full sunlight and prefer soil with a good drainage system.

The versatility of geraniums makes them a wonderful addition to any garden, as well. This flower is available in cool tones of purple and blue, or you can opt for warmer shades of red and orange. Geraniums thrive in partial shade and can live happily in the San Francisco, CA climate.


This season is all about bright colors. Fill your garden with yellow, orange and red celosias to complement the changing leaves of fall. Their striking plumes are a great way to announce the new season in style. Celosias are happiest under full sunlight with partial shade, and these flowers will thrive no matter where you live.

Petunias commonly bloom with red, blue and purple shades. A wide range of color options lets you choose which petunias will match your fall garden the best. They’re known for being easy to take care of, especially for people new to gardening. However, keep in mind that petunias tend to like warmer climates.


The trees may have dropped their leaves, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to look dreary. Primroses are the perfect choice when deciding on flower colors for this time of year in San Francisco, CA. Their petals take on a variety of colors that will brighten up your garden during winter.

Despite its name, flowering kale is best used for decorative purposes rather than cooking meals. This leafy plant is green with a gorgeous tint of pink in the center. Flowering kale can endure San Francisco, CA winters with a bit of shade and well-drained soil.

There are lots more to choose from in addition to the flowers listed here. To learn about floral arrangements for every season, chat with a florist at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We’ll suggest blooms that complement one another so your garden is bright with colors all year round.

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