What Makes a Great Fertilizer for Flowers?

For those Californians who don’t have a green thumb, the choice to use fertilizer doesn’t factor into their daily routine of plant maintenance. If you’re just using water, however, you are missing out on a vital source of nutrients for your plants. Whether they’re potted or in the ground, flower fertilizer in San Francisco, CA can prove to be the difference between prize winners and a plant that’s barely clinging to life.

Know your N-P-K ratio

Once you begin your search for flower fertilizer in San Francisco, CA, you’ll immediately notice that there are a lot (a whole lot!) of options. Regardless of which brand you choose, though, the most important thing to consider is your fertilizer’s N-P-K ratio.

Every fertilizer is made up of three primary ingredients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The letter for each element is taken from the corresponding symbol on the periodic table of elements. The different degrees to which nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are present in your fertilizer will have various benefits to your plant.

What is a good fertilizer for your flowers in San Francisco, CA? Talk to your local florist to find out which type of fertilizer works best for which type of plants.

Organic vs. synthetic

The difference between organic and synthetic is another significant factor in your choice of fertilizer. In most cases, synthetic fertilizer is water soluble. Once it’s been activated, its nutrients are absorbed by the plants over a matter of days and weeks. Organic fertilizer, on the other hand, tends to be activated over the course of several weeks or months. Sometimes organic fertilizer can last for more than a full season.

The right substance at the right time

One of the major reasons to use fertilizer is to supply nutrients at a critical moment in your plant’s growth. When you transplant specimens or when they’re set to bloom, for example, it can be the perfect time to add a little nutrient boost to your plants.

Unlike granular fertilizer, liquid or powdered fertilizers are meant to seep into your plants and become useful immediately. They can be especially potent sources of protection when your flowers are vulnerable.

Your partner in growth

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