Top Tips on Caring for Indoor Plants

Adding an indoor plant to your home can help make it feel more welcoming. Indoor plants also provide health benefits, in addition to making beautiful décor. Plants help purify the air, raising your indoor air quality and helping to reduce allergens in the air. If you’ve ever had an indoor house plant, however, you know that helping them thrive inside can be a challenge.

Use these tips to help keep your next plant from your favorite flower shop in San Francisco, CA healthy and happy inside your home.

Give Them Proper Water

Watering your indoor plants properly can be one of the most difficult jobs of a house plant owner. Something that seems so simple can certainly be difficult based on the needs of your plant and the humidity of your home. Follow these watering tips for your indoor plants from your flower shop in San Francisco, CA:

  • Moist, not wet: You want your potting soil to be moist, but not soaking wet. Soil that’s too dry or too saturated with water can damage plant roots and stop the plant from growing.
  • Test the soil: Test the moisture of the soil by sticking your finger in up to your first knuckle. If the underlayer of soil is dry, it probably needs some water. If it’s moist or wet, you likely don’t need to add water.
  • Use room temperature water: Indoor plants like water that’s room temperature, or about 68°F or 20°C. The easiest way to get room temperature water is to pour it and leave it out until it’s naturally room temperature.
  • Use pots with drainage: You want to make sure your potted plants are in pots that have enough drainage. That way, if you overwater, the moisture has a place to go and is less likely to harm your plant.

Tips for Placement of Your Indoor Plants

The spot in which you place your indoor plant can have a big effect on whether it thrives or shrivels. It’s important that your plant receives enough light, moisture and regular pruning to help it grow strong and vibrant:

  • Adequate sunlight: Although some types of plants need less sun than others, all plants use the sun to perform photosynthesis. Since your indoor plant is covered by a roof, you need to place it in an area that receives enough consistent sunlight for that plant variety. Avoid putting a plant in direct sunlight, and instead try to find a well-lit room.
  • Set and forget: Once you place your plant in an area with enough sunlight, don’t move it unless absolutely necessary. Plants adapt slowly to new locations, so if you want to move your plant, place it in the new location for one hour each day. Slowly increase the time each day until the plant is adjusted.
  • Proper humidity: In addition to proper watering, your plant needs humidity in the air to thrive. Make sure your plant is in a room with enough humidity by purchasing a room humidifier, regularly misting the leaves with a spray bottle or placing a tray of pebbles and water near the plant.

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