Six Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

You might be familiar with the expression “happy wife, happy life.” But how do you really know that she’s happy with you? From really listening to giving occasional fresh flower bouquets in San Francisco, CA, here are some of the best ways to make your wife happy:

  • Pick up after yourself: We’re not saying that all men are messy, but if you do leave your things scattered around and your wife has mentioned this to you a gazillion times over the years, then you should try to tone it down. Instead of dropping your bag at the entrance to the door and kicking off your shoes by the couch when you get home, designate an out-of-the-way spot for these things. Likewise, put away tools and materials as you finish household or personal projects.
  • Help around the house: Do you honestly think your wife enjoys doing all the household chores herself? Nobody particularly likes doing chores, especially after a long workday, but it has to be done. If you aren’t the type of guy who jumps to do chores, that’s okay, but don’t whine and moan when your wife asks you for some assistance. Chances are, you are partially the reason why the dishwasher needs loading or emptying, the laundry needs folding or the garbage needs to go out.
  • Buy her flowers on occasion: Does every woman love getting flowers? Probably not, but you should bring home a bouquet of flowers for your wife every once in a while anyway. If she adores fresh cut flowers on the dining room table and her face lights up when she gets her favorite blooms, bring them home for her every week or so. For bonus husband points, send flowers to her at work from time to time. Seeing the jealous faces of her co-workers may just make her extra happy!
  • Be present: Not that you have to drop what you are doing every time your wife wants to talk to you or tell you something, but you should try. Without a cell phone in your face or a game controller in your hand, attempt to be present during conversations. That means giving her your full and undivided attention for the next few minutes or so.
  • Take her side: Spouses should always take each other’s sides in life. Whether it’s a disagreement with a friend or a personal attack by a family member, she needs to know you will have her back in any situation. Defend her honor and she will defend yours.
  • Bring her food: This one is a no brainer—bring her food! Let’s say your wife texts you she’s having a terrible day and she normally does the cooking. On your way home, pick up dinner and something sweet if you really love her. Offering food shows you really care.

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