Consider These Beautiful Summer Flowers in San Francisco, CA for Your Garden

Summer offers a great opportunity for people to spend time outdoors. The warm, sunny weather is one of the many reasons people love being outside, but the season also offers much to those who enjoy gardening, as there are numerous flowers available that bring an array of colors, scents and beauty to a space. If you are still in the process of planning your garden and have yet to determine which flowers you’re going to plant, you’ll want to be sure you don’t ignore the variety of flowers that are only available this time of year.

Here are some of the summer flowers in San Francisco, CA you should consider buying for your garden:

  • Sunflowers: No summer garden can be complete without sunflowers. Of course, they add color to the space, but there are several other ways your garden can benefit from the presence of sunflowers. They can be planted anywhere in your garden, but they can often be used as a border, as people plant them along the fence or between rows of other flowers. When planted in the right spot, they can protect other flowers in your garden from being destroyed by the wind.
  • Dandelions: Many people look at dandelions with disgust because they regard them as weeds, but dandelions can actually be very beneficial to your garden. The brightly colored yellow flowers can add life to your garden, but they also protect and fertilize the soil and lure in those insects that actually encourage your flowers to grow. This is one “weed” that isn’t as bad as you think, so maybe there is a place for them in your garden!
  • Marigolds: When people think of flowers, two colors often come to mind: red and yellow. You may want to plant a few flowers that are yellow and red, but orange flowers might also be a good idea. Not only can marigolds add more color to your garden, but they are also easy to care for and they can really liven things up by complementing or contrasting with other flowers in your garden.
  • Dahlias: Most of the flowers in your garden are going to be brightly colored. If you want to ensure there is a variety of colors, one flower to consider for your summer garden would be dahlias. These flowers come in multiple colors, but most people opt for those that are purple or pink. If you are looking for a flower that can add variety to your garden, dahlias are an option.
  • Pineapple lily: You won’t have actual pineapples growing in your garden, but pineapple lilies are a great addition to any garden because of their attractive appearance. As a member of the asparagus family, this particular summer flower can really make your garden stand out. Whether you choose to keep them in your garden or use them indoors to add a little color and life to your home, this is one flower you should definitely consider.

When cultivating a garden, it is important that you have flowers that you love. During the summer, there are a lot of flowers in bloom that might look great in your garden, but you have to choose wisely. Regardless of which flowers you decide are perfect for your garden, the goal will be to have a healthy, lively space that makes your yard look beautiful.

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